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African Relief Ministries

Based in Southern Maine, African Relief Ministries is a 501(c)(3) charity organization devoted to serving the needs of Sudanese people ravaged by war in the Southern part of Sudan. We invite you to learn more about our relief efforts by browsing the menu on the left.

ARM is currently serving 180 widows through our microfinance widows group program.

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Micro-finance widows' business groups:

African Relief Ministries strives to help the women of Southern Sudan who have been widowed by the longtime civil war. African Relief Ministries helps these widows, who have been left to support as many as ten children, find financial independence through guiding them in creating a business plan, teaching skills for business and the micro-finance group operation. African Relief Ministries provides the start-up funds to cover the creation costs of the business group of widows, and helps these women who have experienced much trauma and loss due to the war, find wholeness in Christ.

Pastoral/Leadership training:

African Relief Ministries provides training to pastors and leaders in reconciliation, peace, unity and trauma awareness, which will positively affect their lives, families, communities and country.

The training focuses upon the issues that have been and are currently still plaguing Southern Sudan, such as poverty, trauma awareness and conflict resolution. Our desire is to bring together many different tribes and churches for the purpose of learning ways to break down barriers and begin healing with unity, reconciliation, trust and peace with hope of a new future in Christ.

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African Relief Ministries
PO Box 374
Washington, ME 04574

The flag bears similarities in colour to the flag of Kenya, and in shape (triangle at the hoist) to the flag of Sudan. In addition, it has a gold star in the triangle. The colors are said to represent the South Sudanese people (black), peace (white), the blood shed for freedom (red), the land (green) and the waters of the Nile (blue); the gold star, the Star of Bethlehem, represents unity of the states of South Sudan.