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Posted By: Hazel (12/1/2012 7:33:39 AM)
Interview #1: Mary Nyabiel Tony
My business is to buy fish and cook it and I earn money at this business. I couldn’t get money to start a business. Her deceased husband brother helped to support her children, but now she is able to support her own children. She has 2 daughters and 1 son. Her
leg is very painful. She went to the hospital but it didn’t help. She is still working because she needs to support her children. She is now doing beadwork and is planning to sell that. She would like to say thank you to the person who sent her the money.

Interview #2: Rebecca Nyabel Gach
She said God helped her work hard with her business and she has already paid back her loan. She cooks bread and tea. She has a small kitchen for cooked tea. She buys meat for cooking and people buy from her. She also buys firewood and sells it. She has 4 children. If she could meet the person who sent the money, she would tell them she is very happy and God be with you.

Interview #3: Mary Nyalew Thoal
She makes food with meat-cow, sheep,
chicken & fish. She is a good cook and has a lot of customers. She thinks her chicken is the best. Mary has 4 children-2 boys & 2 girls. She says her business is a small kitchen and she has already paid back her loan and wants to borrow more to grow her business. Her message to the person who sent the money is “God Bless you and I will continue to work hard.”

Interview #4: Rebecca Nyaket Majiok
Her husband was shot by a gun when the war started. She has 3 children 1 girl and 2 boys.She has a little shop and sells her crochet work. She is teaching her daughter to crochet and help out. Someone bought one of her big pieces for 1 sheep. She takes some to Malakal and Juba and got a lot of money and bought a cow. She has 4 cows, 3 goats & 2 sheep from her business and was able to help her son pay for a bride with the cows. If she could meet the people who gave the money she would say, “Thank you & God Be with you ! I will continue to work hard in my business. I will follow Jesus until I die.

Interview #5: Elizabeth Nyadak Makvach
Elizabeth’s husband died in the war in 1986 and she has 5 children. Her business is making crochet work and selling it. She takes them to other villages to sell. She has 1 sheep and 1 goat from her business.She is planning to start another business and have a kitchen where she can cook cow & chicken meat. She said thank you to the team for making the sacrifice to come from a far place and to the person who sent the money she would give them thanks and say God be with you.

Interview #6: Mary Wading Deng
Mary has 7 children-4 boys & 3 girls. Before she received the money from ARM she
collected firewood and sold it. Now she doesn’t have to collect firewood in the forest. She now
sells her brooms for 10 pounds or 1 goat. It takes 2 days to make 1 broom. Her crochet pieces are 5 pounds for the small ones and 30 for the large. Now I know that God loves us, because you come here from America.” For the one who gave her the money, “I would like to give them Thank You. They helped me and I want to thank God.”

Interview #7: Mary Nyalek Gatluak
Mary has 4 children = 3 girls & 1 boy. Her Business is her crochet work. She wanted to thank us for coming and insisted I take a crochet piece which was worth 1 goat. She along with all the others has paid back her loan and has been able to take care of her children. She also cooks bread in a small kitchen and plans to make another loan to grow her business. “When you leave Nasir, pass my greeting to the people in America who helped us. God Bless You !”

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